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VINYL: Used both as replacement windows and in new construction. Vinyl windows are more energy efficient than aluminum windows and much more durable than wood windows.Vinyl windows can also be found in such shapes as arches, ellipticals, eyebrows, gothic, trapezoids, rounds and half rounds, octagons, circles, ovals and half-ovals.
vinyl windowsvinyl windows
  • Single hung
  • Double hung
  • Bay and bows
  • Awnings
  • Sliders
  • Casements
  • Arches
  • Fixed / Eyebrows
  • Much more
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Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows require little maintenance. Unlike wood, they never need to sanding or painting. Vinyl framed windows resist dirt, scratches, mold, stains, and dents. Early versions of vinyl windows would fade or wear under ultraviolet sunlight but in the last decade technological advances have created a vinyl that far outlasts wood or aluminum framed windows.

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